What Do You Do
When There’s A Fire On the Boat?

There aren’t many things that scare boat owners more than an onboard fire. With their tendency to build rapidly, the challenge of a providing a timely firefighting response, and no place to hide, boat fires are simply a boater’s worst nightmare.

Boat US invited the local media to witness how quickly an on board fire could spread, and the challenges in extinguishing the flames in time. BoatUS Public Affairs, with the assistance of the Huntingtown, Volunteer Fire Department held the demonstration at their burn training facility located behind their station house in Huntingtown MD.

Boat US videotaped three types of boat fires: a galley fire, engine compartment fire, and an electrical fire. Each fire will take place aboard one of three donated vessels (respectively): a 26’ cabin cruiser, 22’ inboard/outboard and 18’ outboard center console. Interior as well as exterior cameras the action for the eventual production of a four-minute video. Look for video on The Boat US and Upper Bay Boating sites later this spring. Additional photos of the burn can be found on the Upper Bay Boating site . The goal is to educate boaters on how to prepare for and respond to an onboard fire as well as increase boater’s knowledge on this issue, all in an effort to reduce injuries, fatalities and property damage.

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